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We are currently in the process of moving all our CAD models to a new location.

Whilst we transition - if your model is one of those listed below, please use the direct link to access your CAD model. If this is your first visit to the site you will need to create a log-in with a password.

Other Products

If your CAD model is not listed here, please either contact your local sales office or technical support contact; or email us at

Please ensure you include the part number and the CAD file type you require, for example R07-200-RNKG in STEP format.

Air Preparation

Excelon Plus 82 Series

Excelon Plus 84 Series

Olympian Plus 68 Series

Electric Actuators

E/809000 Rod-Style

E/140000 Rodless

Pneumatic Actuators



PRA/802000/M ISOLine

PRA/801000/M ISOLine

PRA/803000/M ISOLine

RA/802000/M ISOLine

RA/801000/M ISOLine

RA/803000/M ISOLine

M/146000/M Lintra

Pressure Switches & Sensors

34D Pressure Sensor

54D Pressure Sensor




Pneufit - Metric

Pneufit - Inch

Pneufit C - Metric

Pneufit C - Inch

Pneufit M - Metric

Pneufit M - Inch